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Gamer Culture at Belfast Culture Night

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An exhibition of beautiful posters on the theme of Games

BAG of BEES presents GamerCulture at Belfast’s Culture Night 2011.

The Idea

Video Games have been with us now since the mid 70s and the average age of a person playing games is now closer to 40 than it is to 15. We are a part of a generation of adults who have grown up with gaming, and as we have matured it seems that video games are following-suit. The companies making games also have a huge impact on the economy of whatever area supports them, with Canada a prime example of positive effects and recent trouble at Scottish studios a reminder of what happens if the government fail to keep an area competitive.

But Culture Night is all about inclusive fun, not tax breaks and job losses, so we decided to put gaming centre-stage and invite some talented people to design a poster for exhibiting around the streets of Cathedral Quarter on the night.

We also designed and built an 8-bit inspired website for showing-off the works in a fun, creative way.

GamerCulture Website

The Contributors

From the outset, we wanted to make the exhibition as diverse as possible. We wanted game makers alongside game players. We wanted journalists words surrounded by composers’ tunes and we wanted to showcase Northern irish talent alongside some of the best in the world. It is testament to the openness of the gaming community that we ended-up with so much amazing work to show.

The Posters

Dave SmithMatthew Knight

MarkHollis Brown Thornton

Tee&toastMeat Boy



NealStray Jewellery

Ste CurranPopCap

Mark ReihillHector

Dave Explosm

To Conclude

This is not an exhibition poised to start a debate about whether games are “art”, but no-one can deny that the experiences our contributors have had while gaming are any less important than the ones they had while watching a film or playing a sport. If anything, we wanted to show just how far gaming has come and remove a little bit of the stigma from it.


We’d like to thank everyone who submitted a piece as well as those who would have liked to, had time permitted. Maybe next time it’ll be even better!

Dave Smith/Collate
Designer – Northern Ireland

Game Developers – Canada

Dean Burke/Straandlooper
Game Developer – Northern Ireland

Hollis Brown Thornton
Artist – USA

Ste Curran/One Life Left
Writer & Gamer Maker – London

Julie Turkington/Stray Jewellery
Illustrator – Northern Ireland

Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt/Anosou
Composer – Sweden

Neal McCullough/Hand Drawn Creative
Illustrator – Northern Ireland

Matthew Knight
Illustrator – Northern Ireland

Mark McAllister
Game fan – Northern Ireland

Skip Gibson
Musician – Northern Ireland

Stephen Byrne/Popcap Games
Artist – Ireland

David Woods/BAG of BEES
Designer – Northern Ireland

Claire Mullan/Tee&Toast
Illustrator – Northern Ireland

Mark Reihill
Illustrator – Northern Ireland

Dave McElfatrick
Comic Artist – Northern Ireland